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Music business company Bravo Records is the first company in Georgia, which unites Music Publishing Company and Record Label. The purpose of the company is to develop musicians' career, carry out management and control the copyrights in both Georgia and foreign countries.

Music Publishing Company of Bravo Records establishes contractual relationship with composers and lyric authors. They take part together in selling music compositions; ensure receiving an income from the sales and reserving copyrights to composer and lyric author during the period of the contract.

Bravo Records cooperates not only with famous composers and performers, but also with talented musicians-beginners wishing to make a successful music career. The musician who uses the services of Bravo Records can be completely concentrated on the music. All other job, such as determining creative concept, budget and marketing strategy, musician’s style and image, creating music and lyric for a song, arrangement, inviting session musicians, studio recording, mixing, mastering and final editing on CD and DVD, selling production either in the distributive networks or online shops - will be done by Bravo Records.

Bravo Records belongs to TBC-TV Entertainment Holding, which also involves the leading companies of media industry: TBC TV Media and TBC TV Advertising.


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