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Aniversary Album of “Georgian Voices”

July 23, 2012

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The second generation of ‘Georgian Voices” turned 15 this year. Bonded to the jubilee date, a 2-CD album is being recorded in “Bravo Records”.

Anniversary album of “Georgian Voices” includes folk and urban songs. There will be not only the famous and beloved hits with the new arrangement but also the new songs that were composed specially for this album. Musicians and singers will be invited who will perform the songs with “Georgian Voices”. A very interesting collaboration is being planned. Project’s general sponsor is “Galf”.

The duet of “Georgian Voices” and Niaz Diasamidze - “Becha Khiramala”, that will be included in the folklore CD, is already recorded. Zviad Bolqvadze, Neka Sebiskveradze, Misha Mdinaradze, Niaz Diasamidze and Salome Bakuradze will be invited for the album recording. Mamuka (Peke) Begashvili, Zviad Bolqvadze, Roma Rtsxiladze, Misha Mdinaradze and Dato Malazonia will work on the new versions of arrangements. Due to compose the new songs for jubilee album these authors are invited- Zviad Bolqvadze, Jumber Amanatashvili, Qeti Gabisiani, Nato Gelashvili, Misha Mdinaradze, Dato Malazonia and Dato Archvadze.