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Tamta Tskhvitava's solo concert in Strasburg!

November 22, 2012

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For the first time Georgia has a chance to show its culture, cuisine and traditions to the world at the Strasburg Christmas exhibition, which has 4 million visitors annually. Strasburg’s Hall decided to invite Georgia, where several countries had also requested about themselves. As a guest country at the 2012-2013 Christmas market between Georgia and Japan, Georgia has been chosen. These ensembles are invited to the cultural programs in France: ‘Suxishvilebi, ‘Rustavi’, ‘Lashari’, pianist Khatia Buniatishvili, jazzman Beka Gochiashvili and so on. . And singer Tamta Tskhvitava has been honoured to give a solo-concert in Strasburg. On the 10th of December, in the recital hall of opera, before the audience, she will perform the songs from her first album ‘The Beginning’, and also foreign cover-songs with six-member band.