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Bravo Records becomes the official representative of the World’s largest Record Labels

May 6, 2015

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From 2015 Bravo Records has become the representative of the largest Record Labels of the world’s music industry - Sony Music Entertainment, Sony Music Entertainment, Universal Music Group; the company has also become the representative and protector of the world’s largest publishers - Warner/Chappell Music and Universal Music Publishing Group. The cooperation means that Bravo Records is the organization authorized to give the consent for the use of the music compositions produced by the giant companies in the production of advertisements, movies, games and any other audio-visual product. The repertoire of the abovementioned companies represents almost 90% of the world’s current music repertoire.

The presentation of the synchronization authorities for advertisement companies and media was held at the office of Bravo Records on May 6, 2015. On the same day, a memorandum on the cooperation for protecting the rights of synchronization was signed with the Windfor’s Georgia and ABK Advertising companies. At the same time, four license agreements were also signed as a precedent of this type of cooperation.

The presentation was conducted by the Head of the Legal Department of Bravo Records, Zurab Bezhashvili. The meeting was attended by the chief of the legal and international relations department of the National Center of Intellectual Property of Georgia, Manana Priodze, the Deputy Chairman at Georgian Copyright Association, Mirian Kululashvili and the representatives of Georgia’s leading advertising companies.

This presentation was a part of the large-scale campaign dedicated to the World International Property Day, which aims at facilitating the implementation of the EU-Georgia Association Agreement, specifically, the protection of the Copyright and Related Rights.