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Documentary film "The History of Writing" was billed in "Bravo Records"

November 14, 2018

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A little while ago, a documentary film by Rusudan Dzneladze and David Galegashvili was billed in English and it was titled "History of Writing". The film is devoted to the origin of the Georgian alphabet and the origin of the writing. Filming took place in Spain, Egypt, Greece, Lebanon and Bulgaria. Ana Meskhi, a scientist and translator of the film, and rhe narrator is a journalist and teacher of English language Mr. Nugzar Rukhadze.
The main character of the film is the professor of writing systems and Dr. Ramaz Pataridze.
Script writer- Rusudan Dzneladze / David Galegashvili
Director - Rusudan Dzneladze
The author and producer of the idea - David Galegashvili
Director of Photography - Levan Tetvadze

Watch the movie -