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Presentation of Nutsa Buzaladze's Debut Album and New Video Clip

March 22, 2019

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On March 22, the presentation of Nutsa Buzaladze's new, debut album and one of the songs entered in the album was held at "Republic". The album, titled "NUTSA 22," was recorded by Bravo Records.
The album is trilingual, eleven new songs are entered in it- "I am waiting for you"; "The Earth is ours"; "We want together"; "Don't listen"; “In order that heart loved you”; "In My Dreams"; "Forever Mine"; “Beautiful Lies”; "White Horses Run"; "Like An Ocean"; "Erev Kahol Amok". Four of the songs listed belong to Nutsa herself and the other seven belong to well-known composers and authors of lyrics.
The video – clip, called “I am waiting for you” is based on a new song of Rusa Morchiladze.
Director of the video clip - Zaza Orashvili
Producer of the video clip - Shako Popiashvili
Make Up - Catherine Chanchibadze (Chanchika)
Costumes - Lasha Jokhadze
Music producer - Aleko Berdzenishvili
Author of arrangement - Boriko Shkhiani