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Sopho Batilashvili presented her first solo concert to thousands of listeners

June 28, 2019

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Debut album presentation concert of distinguished, talented Sopho Batilashvili was held on June 28, in Sports Palace. The singer performed before thousands of listeners the songs entered exactly in debut album and the songs performed in the project “Only Georgian”.
Sopho dedicated her debut album presentation concert to the demand of de-occupation of Georgian territories by Russia.
Complete sold-out show, singing listener, energy characterizing for Sopho and stage performance that created a miracle for the audience. It was a concert that will definitely leave its trace in the history of Georgian showbusiness.
After the concert, in the foyer of the Palace of Sports the wishers, who had bought the albums had the opportunity to get an autograph from Sophie and take photos with her.
Participants in the concert were:
Zviad Bolkvadze (Big Piano, Guitar, Vocal)/ band Niutone - Shalvadore Groovekeeper Niutone (bass); Levan Abshilava - Jojo Niutone(drum) / Levan Kemularia - KE MO (trumpet) / Giorgi Papunashvili (reed pipe) / Sandro Nikoladze (flute; percussion) / Zura Astamadze(guitar) / Amiran Diasamidze (key; Accordion)
“Bravo Records” would like to thank the Director General of TV Company Rustavi 2 and the author of the idea for "Only Georgian", Nika Gvaramia and David Mchedlidze, head of the foundation “Find Your Georgia”.
General Sponsor of the Project – Foundation “Find Your Georgia”
We thank for grand piano - Yamaha Music Georgia; To official representation.
Atelier SAMI • სამი - took cake for Nutsa’s clothes
Project Supporters: / Insurance Company - Ardi • ARDI / Web Portal - • / Radio Commersant • Radio Commersant / City Magazine Georgia / Radio Holding "Fortuna" - Radio Fortuna FM 106,9; Fortuna Plus Radio Fm 103.4; / Radio "Ar Daidardo”;
The following people worked on the project:
Author of the idea - Zaza Shengelia / Nika Gvaramia
Music producer - Marina Beridze
Author of Arrangements - Zviad Bolkvadze
Stager Director - Zaal Chikobava
TV Shot - Rustavi 2 (Director - Nika Lomidze)
Sound Director - George Gvarjaladze
Producers - Guga Guntsadze / Tata Kristesashvili / Nata Ionatamishvili - Nata Li
Stage / Sound - GeoVoice
Illumination - M.S. Lights
Makeup - Tiko Ratishvili
Stylist - Tamuna Yambarashvili
Photo - Natato Asanidze / NIkoloz Urushadze PH / Guka Javaxishvili