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Georgian Voices - CD album

Bravo Records had worked on the CD album dedicated to the 15th anniversary of the new generation of Kartuli Khmebi for two years. The album involves compositions of all those genres on which the members of the Group had worked before. Musical compositions are recorded on two discs: the first one involves collection of Georgian folk songs, and the other new compositions and well-known and popular hits with new and experimental vocal and instrumental arrangements. Musician-performers, such as Niaz Diasamidze, Roma Rtskhiladze, Nani Bregvadze, Salome Bakuradze, Zviad Bolkvadze, Misha Mdinaradze, Davit Malazonia and others participated in the recording process.

CD album presentation was held at the concert conducted at Tbilisi Big Concert Hall with the accompaniment of Bravo Band and Symphony Orchestra Camerata Georgia. 15 music compositions recorded on the album were performed at the concert. Together with Kartuli Khmebi, Niaz Diasamidze, Salome Bakuradze, and Zviad Bolkvadze participated in the presentation. Apart from the music performances, the audience had the opportunity to watch the videos reflecting the full process of the work on the album. After the concert Signing Party was held, during of which the members of the Group signed autographs for the wishers and took photos with them at specially allocated area.