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Oto Nemsadze - Sea of Thoughts

Oto Nemsadze was a real discovery for Georgian performing arts in 2010, when he participated and won GeoStar, popular TV show of Rustavi 2 Broadcasting Company. GeoCell, general sponsor of this show awarded him funding for his debut album. Music Business Company Bravo Records carried out recording and publishing of this album.

The idea for the album's music concept was born after one of the GeoStar tours, when Oto performed the song Tovli. This idea meant to perform the singles by Otar Ramishvili, well-known composer and performer, Tbilisi Honorary Citizen in a new and modern way. Zviad Bolkvadze, very talented musician, did modern and original musical arrangements for widely famous compositions of Otar Ramishvili.

The album called "Sea of Thoughts" includes 10 best music woks by Otar Ramishvili. Oto was also honored to sing "Tovli" (Snow) in duet with the composer, unfortunately the last duet with Otar Ramishvili. This duo was recorded on the album as bonus music composition. Oto's vocal timbre the performance manner together with modern arrangements made already famous songs more popular and interesting for the youth.