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Eldrine - Till The End

Bravo Records ensured studio recording of debut CD album of Eldrine, development of the concept for CD design and promotion. The album is dedicated to the soldiers - Afghanistan ISAF mission participants as well as to all other soldiers of the country.

Eldrine was created at the beginning of 2010. The Band first performance at Altervision Newcomers Festival in 2010 turned out to be quite successful. In 2011 the Band selected singer Sopho Toroshelidze as the vocalist. In the same year Eldrine won internal selection competition of Eurovision-2011; consequently, in Germany at Eurovision-2011 it took the ninth place among 43 countries’ musicians. In a few months after Eurovision, Batumi hosted Enrique Iglesias’s grand concert MTV Live Georgia where Eldrine performed at the concert’s warm-up.

In Georgian music industry, Eldrine is distinguished with highly professional performance, social themes of songs and exquisite repertoire.

Till The End is the first CD album of the Band and deals with antiterrorist themes. Compositions in the album are group members’ long-time thought-out and work. It includes 12 music compositions in English. The authors of the music and lyrics are group members themselves. During working on the album, they had been constantly meeting with Afghanistan war veterans and created a repertoire for their first album after consultations and conversations with them.