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The Shin - Extraordinary Exhibition

After 14-year work in Germany, The Shin returned to home country and recorded unique and innovative album - Extraordinary Exhibition at Bravo Records.

The concept of all music works involved in the album is based on those music compositions, which greatly influenced the attitudes of each member of the group towards the music. It can be said that this music project is the dedication to those musicians, who affected music perception and creed of The Shin's members. That is why the album was called Extraordinary Exhibition. The album contains the motifs of the music by Gia Kancheli, Chick Corea, Joaquin Rodrigo, Mike Stern, Miles Davis and of course of Georgian folklore. The Shin offered the Georgian audience these motifs in a new interpretation, together with Tbilisi Symphony Orchestra headed by Vakhtang Kakhidze.

The main part of the project is dedicated to music themes of Gia Kancheli that indicates to great honor and respect towards legendary Georgian maestro. Vocal Quartet of Tbilisi Conservatoire and especially invited great foreign session musicians participated in recording the album:

  • Jorge Pardo - Spanish flutist, who worked on a number of projects together with Paco de Lucia and Chick Corea
  • Ilias Mirzaev - leading composer in modern Turkish music, who made all arrangements for this project
  • Normund Shne - Latvian oboe player and conductor, who worked along with Joe Zawinul on several projects
  • Ray Kaczynski - American drummer, whose career is linked with randy Brecker, Joe Lovano and Ramnad v. Ragaval

Music concept of the project and involvement of artists invited from various countries underlines the scale and diversity of the project, which in its tern, represents a certain dialogue among cultures.

Currently respective negotiations are carried out and the Shin may sign contract with Bravo Records. As a result, long-term management of the Band's music career will be ensured by Music Business Company - Bravo Records.