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Old Resource - Reasonable Movement

Samori Balde, the winner of the first season of Dances with the Stars, recorded the debut album at Bravo Records. Participation in Dances with the Stars brought him popularity and people's love. The sponsor of the project - Bank Republic Societe Generale took into consideration Samori's main interest - music and awarded him the most desirable present - financed his first music album. The album was recorded at Bravo Records.

Bravo Records worked on the Hip-Hop music album for the first time. All members of the Company's team were eagerly involved in the recording process. The concept for the album design was developed in consideration of everyday lifestyle of the group's members and reflected their perception. The album contains 10 music compositions performed in Georgian language. Samori and Grotask worked together on music compositions and at the same time were the authors of texts and arrangements. Mixed and mastered by George Gvarjaladze.

Samori Balde and Gocha KhuKhuni, his childhood friend, are the supporters of Hip-Hop subculture from their childhood. Hip-Hop is the style of their lives. The name of the duet is Old Resource, where Samori is MC and producer and Gocha (nicknamed as Grotask) is MC and DJ. Noteworthy, that none of them got any education in music.

While the work process the group used those technologies and methods that had been employed during the Hip-Hop Golden Age (1980-1990). The name of the group - Old Resource comes from this. DJ Grotask is the only skratch DJ in Georgia. He does not employ the modern digital effects and gets the same effect through the sounds recorded on vinyl tapes. As to the lyrics of the songs, the most important part of the art, their content deals with the youth problems, their inner world and perception, the protest against surrounding reality. Content of the songs and their philosophy is very important for this music genre and represents a certain part of modern Georgian youth poetry.

First album of the group called Reasonable Movement (the name means Hip-Hop. Hip -Reasonable, Hop - movement) contributes to the development of Hip-Hop culture in Georgia. Hip-Hop culture includes 4 main elements: DJing, MCing, Graffiti, and Breakdance. The Album is designed not only for the supporters and enthusiasts of hip-hop, but also for those people, for whom this urban subculture is relatively new.

”Hip-Hop became one of the best ways for our self-expression since our childhood. Now, for us it the best way for self-realization. We believe that the aim of Hip-Hop is to overcome racial and social borders and this was its original purpose".