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Gogi Dolidze - Once Upon A Time

In mid 1990's, a little bit early until his death, Gogi Dolidze was recording his songs at Melody, recording company, for his new album.

Under the support of Levan Dolidze, Gogi Dolidze's son and Keti Loladze, the project's author, Bravo Records could obtain these unique songs - vocal of Gogi Dolidze without music - recorded on the separate track.

Zviad Bolkvadze, most talented musician and conductor, was selected to be the director of the project. He offered completely new and modern versions of arrangements for Gogi's songs, together with wide variety of instrumental accompaniment.

Along with Zviad Bolkvadze, the team of Bravo Records worked eagerly on this unique project. The album involves completely new versions of 11 widely known hits. Gogi Dolidze's voice sounds in absolute harmony with symphony music. This album is unique spiritual and musical dialogue between brilliant musicians. While listening to the album the listener thinks the songs have been recorded during Gogi's lifetime and the recordings at the studio have been done nowadays . . .

This unique album is already in sale and any wisher can buy it both in Tbilisi and regions (at Biblus shops, press booths, literature cafes, etc).

This album will be a certain sort of resurrection of Gogi Dolidze, the singer beloved by all Georgians and will bring the new life to well known and loved songs.

The album includes 11 hit songs:

  1. Odesme Didi Kopila Saqartvelo
  2. Iko da Ara Iko Ra
  3. Khmali Avlesot
  4. Dzveleburi Tbilisuri
  5. Gava Dro da Movukvebit Shvilebs
  6. Tbilisi
  7. Gulo
  8. Kartvelebis Ertad Kopna
  9. Akvavilda Nushi
  10. Omshi Tsasulo Vazhkatso
  11. Algets Lekvebi Mglisani

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