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Tamta Tskhvitava - Inception

Tamta Tskhvitava was the first artist who had signed the contract with Music Business Company of Bravo Records. Her debut album was the first important project of the Company. Tamta Tskhvitava is the unique performer. Her vocal timbre and musical identity is completely distinct and different from everyone, so her charisma and performing manner is a real discovery for the audience.

Tamta Tskhvitava's "Inception" contains new Georgian songs of various genres composed especially for her, as well as covers of some foreign singles performed in quite different manner.

Invited guest plays or sings in all songs of the CD album. These guests are Dini Virsaladze, Chabuka Amiranashvili, Vazha Mania, Georgian Voices, Tamaz Kurashvili, Zura Ramishvili, Gigi Wonder, Mariko Ebralidze, Zura Mosiava, Suliko Gagashvili, Lasha Topuria, Saba Chikhladze.

Tamta's CD album is licensed and all copyrights are reserved. Georgian composers created songs and lyrics especially for Tamta. Arrangements were made for both new songs and covers of foreign singles.

Composers: Jumber Amanatashvili (2,5,9), Ana Kasrashvili (1), Inola Gurgulia (4), Dato Archvadze (7), Nino Berianidze (10), Nana Chanturia (12), Wouter Hamel (3), David Foster and Linda Thompson (6), Leo Chauliac (8), Michel Legrand (11).

Authors of the lyrics: Manana Gurgenidze (1), Ana Kalandadze (2), Wouter Hamel (3), Inola Gurgulia (4), David Foster and Linda Thompson (6), Albert Beach (8), Nino Berianidze (10), Jacques Demi and Norman Gimbel (11), Nana Chanturia (12).

Arrangement: Mamuka (Peke) Begashvili (1,2,3,5,7,8,9,12), Alexander Berdzenishvili (10) Davit Ugrekhelidze (4), Zura Makhniashvili (6), Zviad Bolkvadze (11).


  1. Shenamde
  2. Me Lamazi Megobari Mkavda
  3. Useless Fraud
  4. Moval
  5. Dzveli Hangebi
  6. A Love that will Last
  7. Ia
  8. I Wish You Love
  9. Rotsa Aravin
  10. Tango
  11. Recit de Cassard
  12. Ginda Daijere