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Sound Recording Studio


The studio of sound recording company Bravo Records was opened in Tbilisi, Georgia, in 2011. As of today, it is the best studio both in Georgia and Transcaucasia in terms of technical standards and personnel.

The purpose of Bravo Records is to enable Georgian musician-performers to work with the standards of leading western sound-recording studios. Hence, Bravo Records is oriented towards creating the most comfortable environment and ideal acoustic conditions. To achieve the above target, while designing the rooms of the studio, all important parameters necessary to meet acoustic conditions of international standards were taken into consideration.

Technical equipment and acoustic parameters were projected by Funky Junk, the British Company, specialists of which had also projected studios of various musicians, such as Jamiroquai, Elton John, Eminem, Coldplay and others.

Noteworthy, that Mattia Sartori, sound engineer of Funky Junk, was the chief specialist of Bravo Records Studio during a year in order to ensure proper operation of the Studio. Before coming to Georgia, he had worked with world famous musicians, such as Madonna, Brian Eno, Coldplay, Mattafix, Paul Stacy (Oasis, Black Crown) and Antonio Feola (BBC Orchestra and BBC Radio).

Bravo Records Studio employs equipment of the highest quality, including JoeCo Blackbox, which is the only such technology in Georgia and is designed to capture live 48-channel audio to the performance.

Apart from the music, CD replication is also important direction of Studio's activity. The Studio uses Rimage 3400 Professional for CD replication. This technology provides the opportunity to prefabricate the disks of highest quality.

We are always trying to apply competitive and affordable tariffs to each service. Such approach provides every customer an opportunity to work in Georgian sound recording studio meeting international standards, based on the tariffs equal to other Georgian voice recording studios.


“Bravo Records” Team