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Presentation of the CD album of Gamouvali Mdgomareoba band and the signing of the cooperation memorandum between Ardi Insurance Company and Bravo Records

June 4, 2015

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Bravo Records has presented the debut CD album of the songs by Gamouvali Mdgomareoba (No Way Out) Band and the signing party, which has turned into a tradition at the company. The band also performed several songs from the new album.

Gamouvali Mgomareoba, which usually remakes the covers of the Georgian hits from the 70-80-90-ies, gained popularity from their very first emergence on the screens. The band has offered its unique sound and original manner of singing to audience.

The concept of the first CD Album entitled Gamosavali (The Way Out) was inspired by the Coca-Cola global campaign Kiss Happiness, the main idea of which became the reason for creating the song On Your Lips and the whole album. This is the campaign dedicated to the 100-th anniversary of the Coca-Cola contour bottle and it aims at expressing the feeling of happiness caused by drinking Coca Cola - the feeling of happiness.

Along with the single, the CD Album also includes new covers of six popular Georgian songs and three old hits well-known to Georgian audience.

Today’s presentation was continued with signing of a cooperation memorandum between Bravo Records and Ardi Insurance Company. Ardi is one of those Georgian companies, which are keen on supporting Georgian show business and it has been the partner of the events organized by Bravo Records many times – the solo performance by Nani Bregvadze on her jubilee, the concert of Shin at the Grand Concert Hall, the presentations of the albums by El Draine, Gordela band, Oto Nemsadze songs, Irakli Charkviani songs and etc.

The presentation concert of the CD album of Gamouvali Mdgomareoba band will be held for the band’s devoted fans at the Grand Concert Hall in Tbilisi on June 7th. The friends of the band’s members – Dato Portchkhidze, Robi Kukhianidze and Keta Orbeladze will also perform on the concert of the band.