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Puerto Rican Rapper - Residente at Bravo Records

April 16, 2016

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René Pérez Joglar, nicknamed Residente, who is also founder and producer of the Calle 13, the rap group, used the extraordinary concept for his first solo album. The musician underwent through genetic tests and found out, that he wears Caucasian genes together with African, American and Chinese ones. He traveled in all his genetic homelands identified through the genetic analyses and recorded songs in all countries together with local musicians, in most cases with folk singers. His new album is focused on peace. While visiting Georgia, the singer travelled in different regions, including South Ossetia, where he visited occupation line and Pankisi, where he got acquainted with the music of Aznash Ensemble. He decided to sing together with Aznash Ensemble on the war and peace. Noteworthy, that René Pérez is also interested in politics, apart from the music. He has been the face of UNICEF and Amnesty International campaigns for several years. Conflicts, education, equal rights are the parts of those global problems resolution of which is the goal of singer's intense activities. The singer travels together with the camera crew of HBO; in the near future the new film directed by Marc de Beaufort will be released. The film describes in detail extraordinary genetic adventures of René Pérez Joglar.