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Album, including Kist-Latin single, recorded at “Bravo Records”, received Grammy award!

January 28, 2018

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Great success of “Bravo Records” the day before yesterday on the 60th annual Grammy awards held in New York, album that included single recorded at “Bravo Records” studio received Grammy award. This is debut single album of popular Puerto-Rican rapper – Residente that won nomination „Best Latin Rock, Urban, or Alternative Album“.
Residente chose unusual concept for his first album. The musician conducted genetic research, as a result of which he discovered, that simultaneously with African, American and Chinese genes he is also Caucasian gene carrier. He traveled genetic homelands, revealed as a result of analysis and recorded songs together with local, mainly folk music performers. While being in Georgia, musician travelled to different regions, including South Ossetia, where he viewed occupation line and travelled to Pankisi as well, where he was introduced to creation of “Aznash” ensemble. Together with “Aznash” he decided to sing about war and peace. It should be noted, that Residente is interested in politics in addition to music. He has been the face of UNICEF and Amnesty International campaigns for several years. Conflicts, Education, Equality – these are the list of global problems, that the musician is actively fighting to resolve. That’s why this debut album, that includes sing recorded at “Bravo Record” (called „Guerra“, „War“, in English) 2 days ago deserved Grammy award. “Bravo Records” refrained publishing this good news because after leaving Georgia, rapper Residente made harsh anti-Georgian statements in American media, that Georgia bullies smaller nations – Ossetians, Abkhazians and conducts an aggressive politics, that was earlier covered in Georgian media. “Bravo Records” criticized harshly musician’s statements, but despite protest, after some thought, management of “Bravo Records” made a decision to publish this important fact because this is great victory first serious recognition of Georgian music business at most prestigious music award ceremony in the world. Especially noteworthy is work of chief audio engineer of “Bravo Records”, Aleko Berdzenishvili, who worked on recording, mixing and mastering this single.
Congratulations, from now on Grammy’s prestigious award is added to regalia of Georgian “Bravo Records”.