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The Generations a band of talented young musicians recorded a new single called – Invisible Man at Bravo Records (video)

The Generations, a band of talented young musicians recorded a new single called – Invisible Man at Bravo Records. One must note the fact that the band played at the Tbilisi/Open Air festival in 2022 and won the best Newcomer contest with complimentary Bravo Records’s prize of full recording studio service for one of their songs from an album. 

Single Invisibile Man is dedicated to people who are lost in this society and on top of whom lays the system of working for 24/7 lifestyle. The system becomes the reason these people give up on their dreams and lack self-expression. There is no other choice but to slowly drift away from society and become an invisible man. 

There are lots of ways to escape routine lifestyle, but art still remains as the number one helping hand. If people have the ability to express their inner world in any shape or form, that’s some kind of joy already. 

The upcoming band with their new single want to reach audiences with this message and show people that there’s always a way out of even the most painful situations. 

The Generation was established in September of 2018. They primarily create jazz, hip-hop, blues, funk and neo-soul music. Their repertoire also includes a song Bright Little Shadow which was recorded at Bravo Records. You can listen to the band on their official YouTube channel. 

Vocals/Lyrics- Roma Meloiani/Melamor

Keyboard- Luka Tabatadze

Guitar- Niko Mantidze

Drumms- Iva Khatiashvili

Bass- Noe Gabashvili

Saxophone- Demetre Ghambashidze

Audio engineer- Aleko Berdzenishvili

Producer: Saba Abramidze



მის: კოსტავას 68
საზოგადოებრივი მაუწყებლის მე-2 შენობა
საქართველო, თბილისი

ტელ: +995 32 2409340
ელ ფოსტა:

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