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Bravo Records and the largest platform of Coca-Cola are implementing a joint project (video)

Bravo Records, in the coming days, for the first time in history, in collaboration with Coca-Cola, will implement a new music project on the Global Coke Studio music platform!

Global Coke Studio, as Coca-Cola’s new music platform, was founded in 2007 in Brazil. So mentioned platform has gained popularity on every continent of our world, has millions of signers and uncloses young talented musicians around the world. In this exclusive platform, you can only see musical content specifically for Coca-Cola, which can be created by collaborations and fusing of several musical genres. 

Project partner is the largest leading record label Universal Music Group, which remains a leader on the market by constant innovative approaches to music and modernized implementations in musical-business industry. 

Since the beginning, Global Coke Studio’s musical platform has collaborated with famous musicians like Sam Smith, Jon Batiste, Imagine Dragons, Ari Lennox, Tesher, Cat Burns, Griff and many others. 

Soon we will see Georgian content on Global Coke Studio’s YouTube channel and we will be part of an amazing and huge musical hub. This will allow young talented Georgian musicians to introduce their music to listeners around the world, help them communicate with new musical cultures through musical cooperation, collaborate with musicians from other countries, attract a new audience of listeners, which is very important for the development of the Georgian music industry. 

In the nearest future Bravo Records will welcome young Georgian musicians and Bands to record several compositions for Global Coke Studio which will be part of Coca-Cola’s summer campaign. Keep an eye on Bravo Records news.



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