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Second collaborative result of Bravo Records and Coca-Cola’s largest musical platform Global Coke Studio (video)

The second collaborative result of Bravo Records and Coca-Cola’s largest musical platform Global Coke Studio is here: lead singer of popular Georgian duo Anano Sikharulidze and classical string quartet Just Quartet have recorded their single RocknRolla at Bravo Records. This single is the second out of 5 songs that are about to grace the musical platform’s official Youtube channel in few days. We would like to remind you that this is the first time in history when Georgian musicians, in cooperation with Coca-Cola, are collaborating with the largest Global Coke Studio’s musical platform. You will not only see already famous and beloved Georgian musicians in this project, but you will get the chance to become acquainted with upcoming Georgian music bands and musicians performing in different music genres. 

Musicians have already finished recording at Bravo Records and filming a music video in the old Coca-Cola factory. As of today, the last works of video editing are in progress. 

Music videos of Georgian musicians will be posted on the official YouTube channel of Global Coke Studio in the next few days, through which they will become a part of this huge amazing musical hub. This is a brilliant chance for Georgian musicians to introduce their work to new audiences and reach listeners from around the world, to collaborate with young talented artists from different countries. This, as well, will play a huge role in development of the Georgian music industry. 

Global Coke Studio is a global music platform that was founded in Brazil in 2007 as a project which aims to fuse many different music genres. The project fully supports the development of young talented artists and connects them with the listeners from all over the world. Over the years we have seen several famous world stars participating in this project: Sam Smith, Imagine Dragons, John Batiste and others.




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