December 24, 2019 tatakr

Bravo Records has obtained the international certificate of film dubbing

As you are aware, Bravo Records has been putting a voice on foreign films exclusively in Georgian for Georgian cinemas for several years. A few weeks ago, British experts conducted a special audit at Bravo Records studios, according to which the skills of staff has improved, technical equipment has been renewed and safety standards were toughened, as a result of which, for the first time in the South Caucasus region, Bravo Records has received an international TPN (Trusted Partner Network) certification, according to which it directly begins working with the world’s largest movie companies Walt Disney, Universal Pictures, Warner Brothers, Sony Pictures, Fox, etc. After certification, the quality of voicing and dubbing foreign films in cinemas will be further improved and the outflow of new film productions to the pirate market will be minimized. Together with British experts, the partner of Bravo Records, leading Georgian Law Firm BSH, helped Bravo Records in obtaining TPN Certificate.


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