June 19, 2023 tatakr

Another unique international collaboration of Bravo Records has been completed successfully

Yet another successful international collaboration of Bravo Records, Nutsa Buzaladze and Yanela Brooks with the new single – Si Hay Un Manana. 

Originally from Cuba, Spanish singer, composer, orchestral conductor, producer and an actress Yanela Brooks was born in a family of musicians. At first, she studied at Conservatory of Havana in the class of legendary jazz pianist Chucho Valdes, then she was a lead singer of world known Havana club Tropicana. 

In 2015 Yanala Brooks performed at a Jazz&Wine event which was organized by Bravo Records in Kvareli and after that she visited Tbilisi and Batumi for her own concerts. 

Yanala Brooks has released 5 solo albums and frequently performs in musicals. She is also well known for her amazing performances while actively touring Spain, Cuba, America, Europe and different countries in Asia. 

The idea of the project, which premiered today on the public broadcasting channel was born on 2021 during the Covid pandemic…

During this period of time, most musicians around the world were working from home primarily. It was at this exact time when Yanala Brooks wrote an amazing music and lyrics, while in Cuba. The song is called:

Si Hay Un Manana (Esp.)/  We Still Have Tomorrow (Eng.)

The song brilliantly conveys the pain, hardship and emotions that also resemble support, love and hope of a better tomorrow for people in distress while this suffering is shared across the whole world during the pandemic.



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