December 3, 2013 tatakr

Another unprecedented project of Bravo Records – I See The Sun (video)

3rd of December is an international day of the people with disabilities. With an initiative and support of Sports and Youth Ministry, music-business company Bravo Records starts working on a new music project – I see the sun. Project intends to produce a CD album that will consist of ten singing collaborations of the people with disabilities and famous singers. They’ll perform not only famous and beloved Georgian and foreign music compositions, but also the unknown ones.


  1. Nini Badurashvili and Shaban Mamedov
  2. Nini Karseladze, Giorgi Sukhitashvili, Cotne and Tornike Turdzeladzes
  3. Group Gamouvali Mdgomareoba and Mary Papunaishvili
  4. Nodiko Tatishvili, Mariam Kapanadze and Tatia Mamukashvili
  5. Nataliko Kutateladze and Tamar Tsalkalamanidze
  6. Boris Bedia, Sulkhan Gvelesiani and Ramin Mikaberidze
  7. Lisa Bagrationi, Giorgi Ushikishvili and Nika Tsiklauri
  8. Ensemble Shvidkatsa and Natalia Vefkhvadze
  9. Forte, Maiko Lomidze and Ani Sikhashvili
  10. Quintet Quintessential Five and Women’s quartet.

Project’s music manager: famous composer and music producer Rusa Morchiladze.

Project’s main goal is to maximally support the integration of musically talented young people with disabilities into society and strengthen the attention towards their problems.

For now, an active work is being done on recording the songs and album’s design. In the end of the December, the project will be finished and anyone will have a possibility to acquire this CD album in the distributional networks’ shops of Bravo Records. All the money brought by the realization of these CD albums will entirely be spent on solving the problems of the people with disabilities.

Project’s sponsors are:

Corstandardbank and Talizi


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