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Sofo Nizhradze recorded a duet with the rising star of American pop music Deja Gomes in Bravo Records (video)

Trough Sopho Nijaradze’s project Bravo Records has realized an unprecedented collaboration. Sopho Nijaradze will record a duet with American pop-music’s rising star, Stevie Wonder’s back vocalist Dejah Gomez. Many famous singers’ career starts exactly with being a back vocalist, like in case of Whitney Houston. The songwriter is Rusa Morchiladze and we can say this is one of the best songs she’s ever written and that will undoubtedly become a hit. An arrangement will be done by the legendary musician, a long time musical director of the group Earth Wind & Fire Morris Pleasure. A collaboration of this level between composers happened for the first time. This collaboration of Georgian and American musicians will raise our relationships in this field to new levels and in the future will give a birth to the new perspectives of many collaborative projects. Song lyric is about friendship. Dejah Gomez will arrive with her producer Greg Coakley which is one the most experienced and serious representatives of American music industry. He was a tour-manager of Earth Wind & Fire and Stevie Wonder, also producer of many celebrities- Usher, Chaka Khan, Ziggy Marley etc.

Bravo Records works on Sopho Nijaradze’s 2disc-album. Georgian repertoire will be recorded on the first CD and foreign- on the second one, that supposedly will be produced in autumn. The duet of Sopho and Dejah is intended for the foreign disc the basic part of which is recorded in Sweden. The album will contain not only hits but also the new songs specially written for Sopho. The Georgian album will entirely be recorded in Bravo Records.

Dejah Gomez is a young singer. She started singing at an early age- when she was 5 years old and made her first contract with voice recording studio at the age of 15. She became popular after she started working with Stevie Wonder. She had tours all around the world and sang even in White House with legendary Stevie Wonder. Dejah has sang with a famous trumpeter Chris Bott. At the benefice of American Idol she performed with Mariah Carey. At the 2009 Grammy awards she performed with Justin Timberlake, Al Green, Smokey Robinson, Ne-Yo and Jamie Fox. In the Tonny Awards winner Broadway performance Lion King she played Simba’s crush Nala. On the 25th Anniversary of Rock’n’roll Hall of Fame she was a back vocalist of Stevie Wonder, Sting, Smokey Robinson and John Legend. At this year’s Grammy Awards she sang with country music legend Glen Campbell. Her first solo album was produced in 1997. (www.dejahgomez.com)

Morris Pleasure plucked from his senior year of the University of Connecticut to play bass with Ray Charles on his world tour. He performed with some of the most accomplished talents in Jazz and R&B including George Duke, Natalie Cole, Rachelle Ferrell, Michael McDonald, Roberta Flack and Marcus Miller. He recently has worked with Rachelle Ferrell, Earth Wind & Fire, Maxwell, Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Christina Aguilera and David Foster. His compositions are also featured in the movies. Together with Philip Bailey he composed EWF single Cruising – featured in Spike Lee’s – Get On the Bus. In 2009, Mo accepted the great honor of playing in Michael Jackson’s final touring band that was scheduled to perform in the late superstar’s historic comeback residency at London’s O2 Arena. Mo and the rest of Michael’s band performed at the soul-stirring memorial service for Michael Jackson on July 7, 2009 at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. Mo’s musicianship has earned him a place in history as a cast member of the highest grossing concert documentary film of all time – This Is it made after Michael Jackson’s death. (www.mopleasure.com)

Greg Coakley – Dejah Gomez’s producer. Greg’s been in music business for 25 years. He’s worked with the best musicians. He was a tour-manager of Earth Wind & Fire and Stevie Wonder and producer of Chaka Khan’s concert. He’s established his own company that organizes concert tours and different events, also promotes and manages careers of artists. Stevie Wonder, Eric Benet, Sinbad, Earth Wind & Fire, Usher and TLC are his clients.

Dejah Gomez is arriving in Tbilisi on 2nd of March. Her six days in Georgia will be quite busy. Her schedule consists of recording a song in Bravo Records, going sightseeing, shooting a video and press-conference.


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