June 27, 2012 tatakr

Bravo Records releases the new Album of Gogi Dolidze (video)

Not long ago before his death in the voice recording studio – Melody Gogi Dolidze had been composing the songs for his new album. Unfortunately he couldn’t manage to complete the songs. The recordings were considered lost for a long time but we’ve managed to find these recordings and today Bravo Records owns these unique songs recorded on separate tracks but only with Gogi Dolidze’s vocals without music.

At present Gogi Dolidze’s first album is being prepared to be published. The album will include 11 songs. A talented musician and conductor Zviad Bolkvadze is chosen as a project manager and he’ll make the new versions of arrangements.

This album will be some kind of resurrection of every Georgian’s beloved singer Gogi Dolidze. It will be a rebirth of his well-known songs.

The album will include Gogi Dolidze’s 11 hits:

  1. My Georgia
  2. Once there was…
  3. Let’s sharpen the swords
  4. Old Tbilisi song
  5. Time will pass and we’ll retell it to our children
  6. Tbilisi
  7. My Heart
  8. The Unity of Georgians
  9. Almond has blossomed
  10. You brave man that’s gone to the war
  11. Wolf’s cubs at the Algethi


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