March 30, 2015 tatakr

Bravo Records becomes the representative of the world’s largest Record Labels in Georgia (video)

The presentation of the synchronization right was held at Bravo Records on March 24th, 2015. Synchronization is an international term and it is well-known in Georgian legislation, which is protected in accordance with the law on copyright and adjacent rights, as the right of reproduction.

The presentation was held specially for advertising companies, which were provided with the information about this right and the people, who have this right.

From 2015, Bravo Records has become the representative and the defender of the rights of greatest Record Labels in the music industry globally, Sony Music Entertainment, Warner Music, Universal Music, also the representative of the world’s largest publishers – Warner/Chappell Music and Universal Music Publishing Group. This cooperation means that from now on Bravo Records is an authorized entity to grant the right of usage of the music included in the repertoire of these giant companies in advertisement, movies, games or any other audio-visual compositions. The repertoire of these companies is 90% of the music repertoire around the world.


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