October 19, 2012 tatakr

Bravo Records hosted Gogi Dolidze’s new album presentation (video)

In the 90s of the past century, a little time ago before Gogi Dolidze’s death he had been composing the songs for his new album at the voice recording studio Melodia.

With a support from Gogi’s son Levan Dolidze and this project’s author Keti Loladze Bravo Records managed to obtain these unique songs recorded on a separate track- this is Gogi Dolidze’s vocal without music.

A very talented musician and conductor Zviad Bolkvadze was chosen as the head of the project. He presented completely new and contemporary arrangements of Gogi’s songs accompanied with various instruments. The album consists of completely new versions of everyone’s favorite 11 hits.

For a few months Bravo Records team together with Zviad Bolkvadze worked very hard on this unique project. On the 19th of October Bravo Records hosted the presentation of the album Iyo Ara Iyo Ra… Gogi’s friends, family members and the representatives of wine Old Tbilisi and the center of Tbilisi’s cultural events, without which the album’s production would have been impossible, attended this presentation. A very emotional evening was completed by Zviad Bolkvadze who performed one of the album songs time will pass and we will tell our children on the piano with Gogi’s vocals. This album is the most unique and experimental project for Bravo Records.

This album is already in stock and anyone can acquire it on the different places, both in Tbilisi and in the regions (in the stores of – Biblus, kiosks, literature cafes, in the shop – Guru and so on).

This album will be some kind of resurrection of every Georgian’s favorite singer Gogi Dolidze and the rebirth of his songs.


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