October 26, 2022 tatakr

Bravo Records held a press conference and an album signing party for journalists regarding the release of the talented young singer Nutsa Topuria’s debut album and solo concert (video)

Today at Bravo Records, a press conference and a signing party was help especially for journalists in relation to the release of the debut album and solo concert of gifted young singer Nutsa Topuria. The album is called – Moval (I will come), in which you can expect modernised versions of beloved Georgian and foreign songs such as: Gamodi; Ertkhel; It’s a Good Day; Tsamoval; Comment Te Dire Adieu; Ginda Daidjere; Nazi Misebi; Ia Ia; Vardebsa da Gvirilebshi; and Isev Is Baghi. Presentation concert of the debut album will be held in the State Drama Theatre of Kote Marjanjshvili on November 26. Along with Nutsa, there will also be specially invited guest stars of Georgian music industry: Sopho Nizharadze; Nodariko Khutsishvili; Sandro Kvatchadze (Bibicha); Giorgi Tskhadadze; Luka Tchokhonelidze; Sandro Gegechkori; Luka Topuria and the band Newton- Shako Ghelekva (bass); Levan Abshilava (drumms); Zura Astamadze (guitar); Amiran Diasamidze (keyboard).



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