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For Giorgi Antsukhelidze Basketball Tournament the Georgian national anthem was recorded by his daughter in Bravo Records

On August 18th, in connection with the birthday of the national hero of Georgia, Giorgi Antsukhelidze,  3X3 basketball tournament named after him was held in the Defense Forces.  The event was opened with the Georgian national anthem, which was performed by Ana Antsukhelidze, the daughter of the national hero, Giorgi Antsukhelidze. A few days before the tournament, Ana and her family visited Bravo Records and had a rehearsal there.

The Giorgi Antsukhelidze   Tournament in 3X3 Basketball in the Georgian Defence Forces took start on the 18th of August and finished on August 26th with the final game in Batumi. 52nd  team of Defense Forces units competed in the championship. The tournament in 3X3 basketball was held in two stages. On August 26th, the winning team at the final stage received the Giorgi Antsukhelidze Transitional Cup.

Georgian National Hero, Giorgi Antsukhelidze was born on August 18th, 1984 in the village of Kvemo Alvani, Akhmeta region. Giorgi Antsukhelidze participated in the 2008 Russia-Georgia war,

On August 9th, he was captured by an opponent, tortured and beaten to death. On April 15th, 2013, he was awarded the title of National Hero of Georgia.


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