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The Presentation of Dato Archvadze’s First Album This is Town (video)

Georgian audience knows Dato Archvadze as the member of Georgian Voices and the author and performer of everyone’s favorite songs. As for the composer, This is Town is Dato Archvadze’s first album. He’s been preparing for this for a long time. All the 15 songs that the album consists of are performed by the Georgian pop-stars. Datos project is Bravo Records second project but the first star album.

Bravo Records team has worked on Dato Archvadze’s project for 6 months. Selecting a repertoire is the most important and responsible stage in the process of album’s publication. Eventually 15 songs were selected for the album- 9 of them are the new ones, and the 6 are already famous hits. There is a big way between a composer and a listener to pass and the music business-company Bravo Records realizes it according to the approbated rules of the world music industry. Just like the western record labels Bravo Records ensures the selecting a repertoire, recording an album, creating a design conception, promoting and advertising, giving a concert, distributing and managing the copyrights.

A boutique-hotel Kabadoni (In Sighnaghi) hosted the concert-presentation of the album This Is Town.

Nani Bregvadze, Georgian voices, Nino Katamadze, Eka Mamaladze, Dato Nemsadze, duet Georgia, Merab Sefashvili and Salome Bakuradze, Tamta Tsxvitava, Neka Sebiskveradze, Lasha Ghlonti, Koba Chepxodze and Lela Telia, Theatrical quartet and Datuna Mgeladze took part in the concert. This was the live concert and was accompanied by Bravo Band.

The CD is added to the Bravo Records distributional network and from 18th of September everyone will be able to acquire it as in Tbilisi as anywhere in Georgia (in press kiosks, literature cafes, Biblus network stores, shop Guru and so on).


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