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International Electronic Music Festival GlobalGathering is already in Georgia! (video)

International electronic music dance festival GlobalGathering will be held in Georgia for the first time. The event is scheduled for September 11th, 2015 and it will be organized by Bravo Records.

GlobalGathering is a British festival, which has been held annually since 2001 in Great Britain, the United States, France, Greece, South Korea, Ukraine, Turkey, Australia and other countries. In UK GlobalGathering is recognized as one of the most successful music festivals and is popular for performances by world’s leading DJs. Bravo Records has gained a license to hold GlobalGathering in Georgia and this is the first occasion, when the country is to host a licensed international music festival.

The goal of the organizers when taking a decision to host GlobalGathering in Georgia was to introduce the festivals of global importance and standards, which in its turn is expected to help talented Georgian DJs emerge on international music events and increase their popularity around the world. GlobalGathering is an intrinsic part of youth mass culture and each year hundreds of thousands of people around the world are eagerly waiting for it. In 2015 GlobalGathering Georgia will be held at the Rustavi International Motorpark. The venue meets all the international standards required for holding such festivals. The event itself will promote the cultural development and attraction of tourists in the city mostly having an industrial image.

The main headliner of the festival is Grammy winner, ten times winner of MTV music awards, one of the founders of electronic music in the world, a legendary DJ – FatBoy Slim. No musician of his level in this specific genre has ever visited Georgia so far. Along with his rich musical biography, Fatboy Slim is famous for his unrivaled hits and masterful shows. The festival will include a presentation of the first Georgian electronic music project by Bravo Records’ producer, Boriko Shkhiani. This will be the debut of Georgian show business in the direction of Progressive House and a great surprise for the visitors of the festival. Various other Georgian and foreign DJs will also perform at the festival – the list of the participants will be announced later.

GlobalGathering Georgia 2015 will be distinguished with the different show elements, entertainment sections and activities provided by the Youth International Centre. The festival is supported by the Georgian National Tourism Administration, Rustavi Municipality and Kvemo Kartli Administration.


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