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Reviews for Tamta Tsxvitava’s concert

Tamta Tsxvitava’s first concert that had been conducted in Royal District Theatre was responded positively by the press. Magazines and newspapers published a few articles and reviews about it. We present you some extracts:

A magazine – Bomondi:

“This is the first occasion in Georgia when a totally unknown singer’s promotion will be made according to the standards and rules established in the western countries’ music industries, and this will significantly promote the development of music business in Georgia”

“The concert accompanied by the Bravo Band and the symphonic orchestra of Bravo left an unforgettable impression on the audience”

Magazine – Sarke:

“Tamta Tsxvitava astonished the music elite”

“The fairy tale of Cindarella has come to an end and the successful way of the most exceptional singer in Georgian show-business has just begun”

“For an hour and a half the audience listened to the singer with a great interest and attention, and at the end of the concert the audience itself accompanied her in an old, kind and cheerful song”

Newspaper – Prime Time:

“The concert that made whole Tbilisi talk about”

“Her first concert organized by Bravo Records can freely be considered as the miracle of this year and not only this year’s… This is the festival of taste, good tone and intellectual music”

“At last Georgia has seen the evening of professionalism and high class. An emotion that the concert gave the audience will last for a long time”

Marina Beridze:

“I’m very glad that Bravo Records exists which has made such a miracle. With at the first sight an ordinary person this company lent a hand and made all her wishes come true. She’s absolutely original singer, a huge positive comes out from her”

Lela Tsurtsumia:

“She’s extraordinary and individual. I haven’t heard a voice like that, she’s got a good repertory, she is very well packed. Her producing works very well, it’s a right finding”


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