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Tamta Tskhvitavas’ successful solo concert in Strasbourg (video)

At Strasbourg Christmas Market, which has 4 million visitors every year, in December 2012, for the first time, Georgia was given the opportunity to intorduce its culture, cuisine and traditions to the world. The decision to invite Georgia was made by the Strasbourg City Hall, where the application was submitted from several countries. Regarding the guest country of the 2012-2013 Christmas market, the choice was made between Georgia and Japan in favor of Georgia.

Tamta Tskhvitava was honored to hold a solo concert in Strasbourg. On December the 9th , Tamta performed with a six-member band at the Strasbourg Opera House.  Where she performed songs from the first album – Beginning as well as foreign covers. The concert was held only in a closed format for the honored guests  (Diplomatic Corps, French Ministry of Culture, etc.). The concert was a great success. The applause did not stop for a long time. Tamta handed out autographs to the invited guests after the concert and took memorable photos with them.


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