July 11, 2023 tatakr

The state choir chapel of Abkhazia is recording a choral piece by famous Georgian composer Tamaz Jorbenadze at Bravo Records

Abkhazian state chapel with conductor Zviad Bolkvadze has recorded a choral piece at Bravo Records. The beautiful piece is by a famous Georgian composer Tamaz Jorbenadze and is called – Mukha (Eng: oak). Please note that choir piece Mukha is one of the compositions protected in artist’s archive, in handwritten music notes to be exact. 

Also, the fact that the main initiator of reviving the composer’s musical legacy is his daughter and heir, the famous screenwriter and producer Teona Jorbenadze, deserves our utmost respect.

Composer: Tamaz Jorbenadze

Lyrics: Galaktion Tabidze

Conductor: Zviad Bolkvadze

Video: Tengo Giorbelidze, Teo Jorbenadze, Nutsa Jorbenadze, Davit Mepharishvili

Audio engineer: Aleko Berdzenishvili 

ConceptArt Production / 2023



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