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Club Senate hosted the presentation of debut album of Samori Balde and DJ Grotask (video)

The first season winner of Georgian version „Dancing with the stars“ Samori Balde recorded a debut album “Hip-Hop“ at „Bravo Records“. The album consists of 10 music compositions which are performed on Georgian language. Samori and DJ Grotask create the music together, and an arrangement and song lyrics also belong to them. Samori Balde and his childhood friend Gocha khukhuni are the hip-hop subculture followers since their early age. Hip-hop is their lifestyle. This duo’s name is „Old Resource” where Samori is MC and producer and Gocha with nickname “Grotask”- MC and DJ. Worth to mention is the fact that none of them has got a music education.

On the 21st of December, club Senate hosted the presentation of Old Resource debut album Hip-Hop Samori Balde and DJ Grotask performed 5 songs from their album live. There were participants of both seasons of Georgian version Dancing with the stars and, of course, Samoris partner Lika Labadze, followers of hip-hop subculture, hip-hop and break dancers (who also made a few performances) among the guests. On the CDs sold at the presentation Samori Balde and DJ Grotask left their signatures for those who had a wish.

CD album will be sold in the Bravo Records distribution network from January. Those wishing to acquire the album will be able to buy it at the 350 commercial objects (literature cafes, Biblus network shops, press cabins, shop – Guru, souvenir shops on the Rustaveli Avenue and so on).


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