November 17, 2011 tatakr

Nani Bregvazde recorded a new song at Bravo Records

Nani Bregvazde recorded new version of universal song of Revaz Laghidze Nazo Kaltsulo Dalaldatsnulo. For the first time Nani Bregvadze recorded this song, written according Ioseb Noneshvili poetry Rtveli Aris tu Sheni Kortsili 30 years ago accompanied by Jano Kakhidze orchestra, recording was held at the First TV studio.

Nani Bregvadze can remember intresting moments regarding the fact – Nani was about to leave for a tour to Moscow, whereas she got informed that, despite the lack of time, she was called up to record the mentioned song. Plenty of time has been wasted while recordings that time, as even one mistake made either by a singer or an orchestra meant that recording was supposed to be held again and again. An interesting thing happened, Nani together with the orchestra recorded the song at the first try.

Brand new album will contain the new recording of this song and will be recorded at the studio of Bravo records. This album will be the first solo album of Nani Bregvadze published in Georgia.


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