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Russian threat in the sphere of copyright is real!

The history began in August 2017, when the Russian Authors Society (RAO) founded the Confederation of Eurasian Owners’ Societies (EACOP). Russia has entered into the Confederation five countries: Azerbaijan, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Belarus. In parallel mode, the same RAO established the Coordinating Center for Transactions of Intellectual Property Objects (IP CHAIN) that began to control information about the royalty collected in Confederate member countries and the royalty holders.

The Eurasian Union, EACOP, was founded as a bavkbalance and competitor of the International Confederation of Authors and Composers’ Societies (CISAC). CISAC is the world’s largest music association, comprising 239 organizations and Georgia as its member.

Following the establishment of the EACOP, Russia has also launched pressure on the Georgian Copyright Association (GCA) for its accession. Russia’s interest was to bring Georgia into this relationship as Ceorgia has the leader position in the region, thereby weakening Georgia’s role in the world scene and on the other hand, the existing dynamics of development would be delayed and reversed.

Despite many attempts, Russia has failed to achieve the goal and the GCA has not become a member of the Eurasian Union, which naturally caused irritation of Russia, and addressed the method which had been tested a number of times. In addition to using the RAO’s hood (FONMIX) and another representative of this company Alexander (Bacuna) Gnatishvili, Russia found the Georgian singers working in Russia, David Khujadze and Achi Purtseladze, and with their help is trying to discredit Georgian Authors Association in the eyes of Georgian artists, to destroy the image and in this way to In this way, to put the disorder in the copyright field.

The initiative group was created by nominated singers and was founded as an organization that should ensure copyright management of Georgian musicians and pay their royalty. They began to spread information as if the existing association does not work properly, it is not transparent and so on. Association activities have been transparent for years and are satisfied with the standards set by CISAC. All members are handed over to detailed information on collected and distributed royalty. In addition, this information is issued in printed form and distributed among the members, published on the website of the Association, is sent to CISAC and National Intellectual Property Center, Sakpatenti. Transparency is one of the main components, which is why today the Association of Post-Soviet countries is taking the Leader position and is not far from many European countries.

Depending on the importance of the situation, we need to provide real information to the public and especially to the artists who may be victims of Russian propaganda and may be touched by the process. Carrying out Russian interests in the sphere of copyright means impounding the existing system, and first of all, to destroy the country’s image. Especially in conditions when the protection of intellectual property under the Association Agreement with the European Union is one of the priorities of our state. In addition, all this will negatively affect the process of collecting royalty and dramatic cuts of the royalty of the artists. Russia has already made it in Ukraine in 2013, and unfortunately with great success, and Ukraine still has the consequences. The Ukrainian Copyright Organization (UACRR) was the leader in the region until 2013. Russia, by using the same methods, was able to create two initially, and ultimately 19 additional organizations, which made the situatin extremely worst and the declined of the collected royalty. As a result, Ukraine has not only lost the position of the leader, but turned out to be among the most backward countries.

The Association, together with Bravo Records and GMI Rights Management, feels responsible for the public and that’s why it launches an informational campaign: No intellect occupation!

We believe the public support and intelligence, that the example of Ukraine will be enough and avoid intellectual property occupation.

Together we will stop the Russian threat!


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