May 18, 2012 tatakr

Samory Balde will record his first album in Bravo Records (video)

A winner of the show – Dancing with the Stars Samory Balde will record his first album in Bravo Records. This mega project that was aired on Imedi TV brought enormous popularity and people’s love to Samory. A reward of Project’s presenter Bank Republic was recording of album in Bravo Records as they considered Samory’s main interest – music, and they presented him the most desirable reward for any musician.

On the 17th of May in the garden of Bank Republic three-sided contract was signed. Samory performed a few songs. Samory’s fans, bank workers and ordinary walkers were gathered in the garden. Working on the album has already been started.

The recordings are planned at the beginning of June and the album itself will be produced in July.


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