April 26, 2021 tatakr

The background music was created for the video about the Georgian National Museum in Bravo Records

Georgian National Museum is the largest cultural complex in the country. Which consists of museums: National Gallery, museum-reserves, houses-museums of famous Georgian artists,

scientific and research institutes and libraries, which include Tbilisi and the regions of Georgia. From the very beginning, each museum has its own unique history, collection and tradition. The newly created organization faced a rather difficult mission- to establish a modern interdisciplinary scientific – cultural institution based on existing unique traditions and become a place to share experiences and knowledge gained as a result of national treasure research as well as an entertaining space, which imprints the name of Georgia on the scientific-cultural map of the modern world. The background music of the video belongs to: Nikoloz Amirejibi

The Foundation is especially grateful to Bravo Records Studio for recording the background music for the video and its arrangment,  which belongs to Boriko Shkhiani, an engineering specialist at Bravo Records.


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