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Association of Communication Agencies of Georgia (ACAG) organized a print contest against piracy

As one of the leading companies in the music business in Georgia Bravo Records is always trying to bring society’s attention to the piracy problem and its influence on the development of the industry. Piracy has always been hindering the artists from making quality music and getting a relevant pay for it. Bravo Records will always support initiatives against the piracy issue, as solving the problem and bringing such cases to the minimum will undoubtedly affect the music business and its development positively. This will be directly reflected on the people working in the industry, which are: composers, writers, performers, arrangement specialists, etc. who will be able to generate relevant income for all the hard work they are doing.

Legislators as well as copyright owners agree that piracy causes not only the loss of income but is also a criminal offence, which carries a serious threat for the financial stability and the rate of employment of those affected. The development of technologies has created a simplified platform for the piracy to operate. The three most affected industries in terms of copyright infringement are music, computer programs and movies. Pirated products overshadow the original works, thus decreasing the market share of the owners and further decreasing the value of the works and prices. Georgian market is not an exception and the demand for such products is very high here. Regulators are trying to solve the problem, but raising awareness among the citizens is of no less importance, since the population should know the real negative impact that the black market has. Recording new albums and creating music loses its monetary significance for the artists as source of their income because very soon after the release the products are available for free on the internet.

Bravo Records fully supports the ACAG, which was founded in 2015 and unites the leading active advertising agencies in Georgia. On February 1, the association announced a print contest and the member companies created the posters aimed at raising awareness against the local piracy problem. The posters were supposed to draw attention of the end-users towards the problem and make them think about the consequences of their own contribution to the black market for the economy, for the artists and the overall development of the music industy in Georgia.

The entries were evaluated by representatives of the partner magazines: Ani Tsabadze –

National Geographic Georgia; Ninka Misheladze – Indigo; Maiko Tsereteli – OK! Magazine Georgia, Focus. The results were published on February 3 and the agencies got the following places in the contest:

N1 – ABK, N2 – Switch Communications, N3 – Elliot Webber, N4 – Branding.ge, N5 – Live Branding, N6 – Windfor’s, N7-Leavingstone, N8 – Saatchi & Saatchi, N9 – HOLMES & WATSON

See posters here


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