Sophie Ejoshvili

Project Coordinator

In 2002, Sofo graduated from Sulkhan-Saba Orbeliani Tbilisi State Pedagogical University – Faculty of Literature and Art Studies. She has worked in various recording studios and television stations. In 2002-2004, She worked as a director’s assistant at Sakteleradiocorporation, Channel I, Studio “Theatron”. In 2007-2008, she was a sound director in the dubbing studio “New Art-video”. For the same position, in 2014-2015, she was invited by “Imedi” TV station. Since 2012, she joined the team of “Bravo Records”. Simultaneously, in 2017-2018, She worked in the company – “CG EL” (website – as a sound director.


მის: კოსტავას 68
საზოგადოებრივი მაუწყებლის მე-2 შენობა
საქართველო, თბილისი

ტელ: +995 32 2409340
ელ ფოსტა:

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