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In support of the Ukrainian people young Georgian musicians recorded a new song at Bravo Records (video)

A few days ago, Bravo Records announced a project supporting Ukraine and the Ukrainian people.

We present to you the song of the young Georgian composer and performer, Lua (Ketato Nergadze): We Stand Together, which was recorded on March 4 and 5 by talented young Georgian musicians and Gori women’s choir in our studio. While working on the recording of the song, the young artists participating in the project and the technical staff and the employees of Bravo Records put a lot of emotion into the creation of the song and the video clip, thus they wanted to show admiration, support and love to the Ukrainian people, the heros who are so close to us, fighting to save their country. The money collected within the framework of our project will be transferred to the Red Cross of Ukraine. In the video clip, the bank account number of Red Cross is indicated, any amount, even one GEL, that you give is important to ease the pain of the Ukrainian people. Glory to Ukraine!

Bravo Records expresses special gratitude to each person participated in this unique and necessary project:

Author of music and text: Lua (Ketato Nergadze)

Arranged by: Boriko Boryzz Shkhiani

Mixing/mastering: Alekø Berdzenishvili

Singers: Mariam Meme Zhordania / Shota Adamashvili / Lexo Ratiani / Zura Javakhia / Natalia Nakopia / Nikala Zubiashvili / Sopo Batilashvili / Sandro Bibich Sandro Bibich Kvachadze / Magda Ivanishvili / Achi Kevlishvili / Levan Sidiani Filfani / Liliana Galober / Gori Women’s Choir

Camera: Levan Abuladze / Kakha Bukhrashvili

Director of the clip: Lisa Glonti (Lisa Glonti)

Documentary director: Ana Gazdeliani

Lighting: Jaga Group / Aleksandre Gujabidze / Mikheil Saganelidze / Shota Khijikadze

Technical director: Merab Manchkashvili

Main coordinator: Salome Kurdadze

Project leader: Zaza Shengelia

Let’s Help Ukraine Together / Let’s Help Ukraine Together

Georgian Red Cross society:




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