October 3, 2013 tatakr

Unprecedented event in Georgia from Bravo Records (video)

First time in Georgia, Bravo Records held a so called CD signing party- ceremony of singing on the CD album that took place at the CD shop Guru, on the 3rd of October. New CD album was given free to Oto’s 50 fans. Oto gave his signature to each and took photos with them.

Album consists of Otar Ramishvili’s 10 best hits performed by Oto Nemsadze, with new and contemporary arrangement. Oto was honored to perform unfortunately a last duet with Otar Ramishvili on the song – Snow which, additionally, was included as a bonus music composition in the album. Oto’s voice timbre and art of performing have made these popular music compositions with their contemporary arrangement more attractive to today’s youth.

Project’s supporter: Tbilisi Center of Cultural Events

Sponsors: Geocell, Borjomi and Zedazeni

Project’s official insurer: insurance company – Ardi Group

Radio partners: Ar Daidardo and Fortuna


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