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Project Supporting Georgian Musicians

Due to the difficult situation in Georgian music industry, the music business company Bravo Records establishes new standards and starts an unprecedented action to change the situation to the better. The Bravo Records management decided to support and encourage musician-performers and authors and give them an opportunity to realize their musical projects for seriously discounted prices. Therefore, from March 2013, Bravo Records offers to musicians unprecedented discounts on studio services:

  1. All types of studio services will be reduced by 30%;
  2. In the case of recording of a CD album (12-15 songs) the total cost will be reduced by another 20%;
  3. Musician performers and authors are given an opportunity to use TBC Bank’s one year of installment on studio recordings and realization of general musical projects

Music Business Company Bravo Records and its recording studio are the best in terms of technical characteristics, equipment and studio staff not only in Georgia but across the Transcaucasia. The team of studio professionals allows Georgian musician – performers and authors to work with the standards of leading sound recording studios of the Western countries in preferential conditions which implies:

  • Comfortable working environment
  • Ideal acoustic conditions
  • Quality of recording process and a final product
  • Unbelievably low prices

By introducing new and preferential pricing policies Bravo Records management demonstrates their good will to help Georgian musician-performers and authors, encourage their professional activities and development of their musical career.

In addition, we hope that the step taken by Bravo Records will be a kind of example and stimulus for companies working in Georgian business to show more support and sponsorship to Georgian musicians in realization of their projects, which in turn will help not only well-known musicians but also many talented beginner young performers in self-realization and development of the music business in Georgia.


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