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The new single of the rock band Windshield was recorded in Bravo Records (video)

Listen to the new and very interesting single Try Me by Georgian rock band Windshield, which was partly recorded in Bravo Records. This group initially consisted of only two members. Regardless of their different musical backgrounds Anri Gogitauri and Shota Adamashvili decided to write author’s songs together and make a synthesis of country, blues, southern rock, americana and grange.

The first EP was recorded by Windshield in 2016 with the title Rambling State of Mind. The EP was recorded in Zibo Studio founded by Irakli Zibzibadze who is the band’s bass guitar player. The EP was uploaded to the band’s official YouTube channel (https://www.youtube.com/cha/.UCLQxwFRLlKVJXK3aJsqFnHg/videos). In addition to rather positive assessments the band gained a large number of fans, including Eldrine’s guitarist Misha Chelidze (MIKEN) who became a fan and a friend of Windshield. Consequently the idea of recording a collaborative track was born, video footage of which was recorded in Bravo Records. The authors of the track are member of the group Anri Gogitauri and Misha Chelidze (MIKEN), and the author of the text is Shota Adamashvili who is a member of Windshield. It should be noted that this track participates in the Caucasian music’s contest Phoenix, which will be held at Tbilisi Event Hall on March 4th 2017. The founder is a legendary Georgian musician, one of the founders of Georgian alternative music Lado Burduli.

Windshield was originally appearing as an acoustic duet in Tbilisi clubs, but it received an invitation from one of Lithuania’s Festivals. In August 2017, on Visagino Country the band will appear with larger (increased) composition.

Since the group’s musical course is western, its members are oriented to western countries in addition to Georgian listeners and are trying to participate in as many international festivals as possible.

At this stage, Windshield is working on the second EP, which will be completed by the end of summer 2017. Bravo Records always supports this kind of talented young musicians.


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