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In Bravo Records the famous Ukrainian singer KOVANA recorded a protest song against Russian aggression in Ukraine (video)

Famous Ukrainian singer KOVANA with the help of Nino Katamadze, beloved Georgian singer who is dearly loved by Georgian and Ukrainian people, recorded a new single called Душі (souls) in Bravo Records. Single is dedicated to heroic Ukrainian people fighting against Russian aggression in Ukraine.  One must note that KOVANA started working on the mentioned single in a recording studio located in her native city- Kherson while it was still under Russian occupation, and later continued recording in Georgia at Bravo Records studio. 

The song is dedicated to the residents of Ukrainian cities and villages selflessly fighting against Russian aggressors, as well as to the heroes who died in this unjust war. The money received from the monetization of the single will entirely be directed towards helping the specialized children’s hospital Ohmatdyt of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. Please assist with viewing the single.





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