October 25, 2020 tatakr

Nanka Gvarishvili filmed a video clip for a song recorded at Bravo Records (video)

We present you the video clip of the immortal song Again You shot on a completely new version performed by Vano Sarajishvili almost 100 years ago. Which is performed by the rising star of the Georgian music scene, a very interesting and completely different young singer Nanka Gvarishvili (N.E.A.S.Y). Just a few months ago, N.E.A.S.Y. performed a small fragment of this immortal song in the qualifying round of one of the Georgian TV channels’ mega shows. The video has had more than a million views on YouTube. The singer decided to record a completely new version of this genius song in the studio of Bravo Records,

It was arranged by music producer Aleko Berdzenishvili. He was able to create a highly dramatic and emotional version of this song arrangement.

The director of the video clip – Tina Sharashenidze

See the video


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