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The winner of the German television mega show The Voice – Natia Todua shot a video clip at Bravo Records (video)

The song Love Letter is from her first album, which was recorded in 2019 in one of the best sound recording studios in Germany Kangaroo Digital Audio. The premiere of the song took place on MTV Germany in 2020 and is still very active. The authors of the music and lyrics are the singer and Maury Pozzi, and the producer is Vilko Zanki.

Bravo Records recorded an acoustic version of this song, which is very different from the original version. Natia also started working on the cover version of the second song – this is everyone’s favorite hit Morris Albert – Feeling,  which will be on air for the first time with her performance. The video for the song was filmed in Berlin, and the premiere will take place on November 1.

The singer dedicates this song to the memory of her German foster-father Rainer Schmitt

We want to remind you that that Natia became the winner of the German Voice in 2017.


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