June 22, 2012 tatakr

A controversy over the name of the group Eldrine ended

Group Eldrine became famous for the society in 2011 when they won the internal selective competition for Eurovision and went to Germany in the name of Georgia. Among the 43 participants the group took the ninth place. In summer 2011 Batumi hosted Mtv’s concert where Eldrine also performed.

In January 2012 group Eldrine parted with their producers and after that a controversy over the usage of the group’s name stemmed. After discussing the controversy Sakpatent (Georgia’s patent) decided to ascribe the name to the group. Because of the controversy over the name the group didn’t appear anywhere for 3 months and this perceptibly impeded Eldrine’s career. For now on Bravo Records will undertake the management of  Eldrine’s career. At the end of the press-conference Eldrine performed the acoustic version of the song – Blind alley live.

In spring 2012 Bravo Records founded the subsidiary company Bravo Events which will organize live concerts and concert tours. 6 artists, one duet, 2 groups, 3 bands and classic octet have already joined Bravo Events. They are: Tamta Tsxvitava, Nini Badurashvili, Sofo Gelovani, Sofo Bedia, Oto Nemsadze, Datuna Mgeladze, Nini Tsiklauri, Gigi Wonder’s duet (piano, vocals), Eldrine, Bravoband, Emdix, The Fingers and Camerata Georgia.

Eldrine joined Bravo Events and accordingly their future concerts and further development of their musical career will be embodied under the patronage of Bravo Events.


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